CMS 2011 Doctoral consortium

Capri, Villa Orlandi, 14-16 July 2011

Thu 14 July
h.11.30-12.30 Initial session: registration, welcome and instructions to participants
h.12.30 -14 Socializing and lunch
h.14-14.30 Kick-off session with all faculty
h.14.30-16 Plenary lecture - Andre Spicer: Studying management critically. Background reading: André Spicer, Mats Alvesson and Dan Kärreman (2009) Critical Performativity: The Unfinished Business of Critical Management Studies, Human Relations, 62(4): 537-560.
h.16-16.30 Coffee break
h.16.30-18 Group session (presentations from participants on their ph.d. +discussion)

Fri 15 July
h.9.30-12 Plenary session on publication issues
-h.9.30-10.30 Lecture - Hugh Willmott: Where and how to publish: Outlets and Institutions
-h.10.30-11 Coffee break
-h.11-12 Joanne Roberts: meet the editor session. Guidance on getting published.

h.12-13.30 Lunch break
h.13.30-15.30 Group session (presentations from participants on their ph.d. +discussion)
h.15.30-16 Coffee break
h.16-17.30 Group session (presentations from participants on their ph.d. +discussion)

Sat 16 July
h.9.30-11 Group session on publication (a practical example of how a paper is negotiated through the review process): work in 2 groups (led by Joanne Roberts-Andre Spicer, the rest of the faculty is shared among the two groups)
h.11-12 Plenary reflections on developing an academic career in CMS-all faculty
h.12-12.30 Awarding of SAGE bursary and closing