Earth as symbol of the other face of the inner part of Naples,
a trip into the bowels of the city

Fourty meters below the characteristic and lively streets of the Historic Center of Naples, you find a different world, unexplored, isolated by time, but deeply connected with the world above.
It's the heart of Naples, and the place from which the city was born. To visit it is to travel to the past, a world 2400 years old.


Every week end and holiday a unique path in the wombs of historic center.

Another trip, another excursions to discover the underground and the mysteries of city:

Another way to discover the underground is using the rail transportation system, including an integrated system of metropolitan subterranean trains, cable railways, moving walkways, escalators, lifts.
The Art Stations originated from a project formulated by the city government with a view to making the urban area’s public transport centres more attractive and giving everyone a chance to get an up-close look at prime examples of contemporary art. The implementation of these same stations, delegated to the expertise of internationally-recognised architects, represents an important turning point in the renewal of numerous areas of the urban fabric.