Teatro San Carlo

Social Event  

Theatre of San Carlo – Via San Carlo 98/F
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Time: 07.30 pm


The Gala Dinner

We are very proud to announce that the social event scheduled for Tuesday, July 12, will 
take place in one of the most important artistic and historical 
sites in Italy: Theatre of San Carlo.

The Gala Dinner will take place at the Foyer of Theatre of San Carlo, Via San Carlo 98/F, on Tuesday 12th July and will start at 07.30 pm. The formal invitation card is required. The Venue is located in the centre of the town and is very well connected by Public Buses Transportation or taxis, and is walking distance from the Seafront Hotels. No shuttle buses will be provided.

The Concert

The Gala Dinner will be followed at 09.00 pm by a Concert in the Gardens of the Royal Palace,
“The soloists of Teatro di San Carlo”. An eventthat combine the charm of classical music to the enchanting scenery of the historic location.

History of the Theatre

Theatre of San Carlo was built in 1737 by King Charles of Bourbon who wished to give his city a new theatre to symbolize the royal power.
In fact, King Charles wished to give to endow his capital city with a grand house to replace the old and crumbling San Bartolomeo.

On March 4th, 1737 a contract was signed with architect Giovanni Antonio Medrano and with Angelo Carasale
This contract was fulfilled with astonishing precision: as early as November 4th, 1737 - the king's nameday - San Carlo was inaugurated with Metastasio's opera Achille in Sciro, set into music by Domenico Sarro, who also conducted the orchestra, and with two ballets as intermezzos created by Gaetano Grossatesta
The part of Achilles, as was usual at that time, was performed by a woman, Vittoria Tesi, known as the "Moretta" who sang along with primo soprano Anna Peruzzi, known as "la Parrucchierina", and tenor Angelo Amorevoli.

Now carefully restored to its former splendour, the San Carlo is the oldest working theatre in Europe (41 years older than Milano's Scala and 51 years older than Venice's Fenice) its regular seasons having only been interrupted once, in 1874 and 1875 - due to a lack of funds. Neither the 1816 fire nor the Second World War put a halt to its activity: after the 1816 fire the theatre was rebuilt in a mere six months and during the war a series of concerts for the armed forces was staged in lieu of operas. 
The San Carlo shares with La Scala the record for the first Italian ballet school (1812) whilst its set design school opened as early as 1816.


To see the Summer Season 2011 of the Theatre, go to the following link: