Here some proposals of Urban Trekking Itineraries, proposed by effe erre congressi.
These Excursions will be organized only with a minimum of 15 participants. The price per each Excursion will be € 15,00 for the English Spoken Guide. Tickets entrance to Museums are not included.

Route: Pedamentina – Certosa di San Martino – Historical Center
Timing : 2/3 hours
The stairs of Naples are ancient footpaths that connect the center with the hills and the coast. The
Pedamentina is a complex system of steps down, with its 414 steps connecting the Certosa di San
Martino to the Centro Storico. Along the way you can admire the characteristic landscape of the city and
scenic views of the Bay of Naples.

2) THE TWO MUSEUMS – 13th July
Route : Piazza Cavour / Museo Nazionale - Porta Grande / Museo di Capodimonte
Timing : 3 hours
A route from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale to the Museo di Capodimonte, going to Osservatorio
Astronomico. It starts from Piazza Cavour, with a visit to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, then along
Via dei Miracoli, Salita Miradois, Salita della Riccia, up to the Osservatorio Astronomico. Today it can be
counted among the most active and prestigious international institutions in Astrophysics. Going on Via
Morisani to reach Porta Grande and Museo di Capodimonte.

3) GREEK – ROMAN TOUR – 14th July
Route : Piazza bellini – Piazza San Gaetano – Via Duomo
Timing : 2 hours
The tour starts at Piazza Bellini, where you can admire the remains of the Decumano Maggiore. Going
on the Decumano you can visit the Chiesa di S. Maria Maggiore, with its bell tower called "Pietrasanta",
the only Roman intact monument. In Piazza S. Gaetano is the Chiesa di San Paolo Maggiore and the
Chiesa di San Lorenzo Maggiore, in which excavations have found remains of the Roman city. After the
square we get to Via Carminiello Mannesi, where there are visible remains of a domus . Going on you
get to Via Duomo .